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Masala Magic Exotic Barbecue Rub & Marinade

America loves BBQ. So why not give it a new twist? That’s what we have done by creating America’s first Indian BBQ Rub & Marinade. Masala Magic takes what we all love about that sweet and savory BBQ taste and combines it with the exotic flavor of Indian spice blends for a truly unique and unexpected flavor profile. Don’t bother guessing what it might taste like, just try it now and see how Masala Magic makes you rethink how you’re going to prepare your poultry, pork, seafood, or even beef.

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Ms. Steak Dry Rub for Beef & Lamb

Our signature spice blend for beef, burgers, and lamb. Some of the most flavor full steak rubs are from the South American region. So we decided, what could be better than the combination of a bold, briny, slightly spicy Argentinian style beef rub and the rich, exotic, warm tastes of Indian spices. This blend adds a dimension of flavor to any red meat that we just couldn’t find in any other rub or seasoning blend. If your steaks or burgers are starting to fall a little flat then this is the spice blend for you. Now we didn’t necessarily set out to make this, but through a little slip up in blending spices this incredible combination was born. Hence, what better to call it than “Ms. Steak.”

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